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Just exclusive B2B content marketing tips from talented content marketers

Nelson has a true gift for crafting compelling content that resonates with his target audience. His blog is a true testament to this, as it is filled with insightful articles that provide actionable insights for B2B marketers looking to up their game.

Nathan McBride, Content Lead at 08

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Your alternative to the mumbo-jumbo status quo. Learn next-level B2B marketing strategies from marketers with a real proven record of driving real growth. 







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Sarah Johnson, VP of Marketing, Iglee

 I have had the pleasure of following Nelson's work for some time now. He consistently produces some of the most engaging and informative content in the industry, and I am always impressed by his ability to stay ahead of the curve. 

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Nathan McBride, Content Lead, 08

Nelson is hands-down one of the best B2B content marketers out there. His blog is a treasure trove of insights and best practices, and I have learned so much from reading his articles. But what really sets Nelson apart is his ability to apply his knowledge in a practical way. He knows what works and what doesn't, and he can help you create a content marketing strategy that drives real results.

 Hendrik Lass, Marketing Coordinator, Single Bye

I don't know how he does it, but Nelson has managed to make B2B content marketing seem almost...dare I say His blog is always a must-read, and I have learned so much from his articles. I can confidently say that Nelson is one of the most creative and talented content marketers out there. Plus, he has a pretty killer fantasy team.

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